Thursday, December 3, 2009

britney spears bottomless

britney spears used to be bottomless before she started new near starvation diet and extreme fitness routines. she is well know for the use of so much junk food like Mexican burritos filled with cheese and Star bucks Frappucino. Now this is not to say that these foods don't have a place in anyone's diet though.she was partied in las vegas Las Vegas and made headlines when she shed her pants and danced the night away with only a blouse and her fishnet hose on. she is hanging out like paris hilton in news and attracting everone by her sexy body and to annoy someone Now Britney is again out doing the whole nightlife thing and this time has been photographed bottomless.

britney spears again caught by the The paparazzi once again through her vehicle out which is usual again.the following pictures are not just the concept of morphing of the pictures abut the real ones.some of her very interesting bottom les photos can be seen following in british esquire cover and music gratis.these photos do not reflect her intention to be funny but it may be matter of great concern who really like to hear her but not to see her like this.